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Gỗ Lim (Go Lim): “We found our freedom, while standing on the stage!” – Finding who have the same musical style and the ability to play music together to establish  a band is a common problem seen in the young rock bands, and  it get even harder when they do not have the same sense of purpose. But a rock band girl of Ha Noi-Go Lim, succeed in doing such things like that.   Founded in 2007 with 4 female members,…
Hail The Villain: “Our music is something new and special”
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 18/11/2010 |
Hail The Villain: “Our music is something new and special” – Tiger Translate Metropolis 2010 has closed after a night of lively music and art piece. Hail The Villain, the most notable bands in the night of 12/11 had held a talk in Hanoi with RockPassion. However, in order to enjoy a night of music and contemporary art colorful, Tiger Beer has been a special mark in the hearts of his fans with the unique idea of…
Titanium – Single “Mat Ngot” and new album revealed
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 5/01/2010 |
Titanium – Single “Mat Ngot” and new album revealed – The local renowned Titanium are no longer strangers when it comes to Vietnamese Thrash Metal. A new single and also a new year gift from Titanium is on its way and make sure you stay tuned for an upcoming album of the band. To give rockfans more insights about the single “Mat Ngot” (“Honey”) as well as the band’s forthcoming “Look”, RockPassion…
Meet PK-14 – Chinese indie in a nutshell
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 13/12/2009 |
Meet PK-14 – Chinese indie in a nutshell – Four hours before the show “Hey Ho Let’s Go III” (brought about by C.A.M.A. Vietnam) kicked off, we had a little time off to chat with PK-14 (Public Kingdom For Teens) outside the show venue. Interviewing PK-14 across the show venue RockPassion (RP): Being one of the better known indie bands in China and Asia, what do you think of as the most notable…
Gạt Tàn Đầy (Fullashtray): New Interview Available
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 30/03/2009 |
Gạt Tàn Đầy (Fullashtray): New Interview Available – One summer day in 1996, 5 people in a small room were discussing together for the birth name of the rockband created by themselves. Disputing for half a day, each of them had different thinking. The smoking was fully dispersed around the room. Looking down the table, ashtray was full – Fullashtray. They suddenly reduced 2 words from this name – like…
SagoMetal: Music is a never-ending passion
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 9/12/2008 |
SagoMetal: Music is a never-ending passion with multiple changes in personnel, SagoMetal has always been seen as the best band in Saigon. Collaborators of the RP have had the opportunity to meet Tuong An (vocalist of SagoMetal) and have had a short exchange with him about the current and upcoming plans of SagoMetal. RP: Good Morning, SagoMetal has been several changes in personnel and style of playing…
Decode – White Noize
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 1/12/2008 |
Decode – White Noize g time in silence, Ha Phuong and Thanh Tam, two members of the band Lazee Dolls appeared happily in the musical exchange of Saigon Rock Club – SRC on 23 Nov quite strange appearance: Thanh Tam from the position of playing bass to playing drums in a very young and powerful way. Quite unexpected about this, Rockpassion (RP) has discussed with the Ha (vocalist…
Polar Lost and its appearance full of unexpected
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 9/11/2008 |
Polar Lost and its appearance full of unexpected we – collaborators of (RP) had followed vocalist Van Nhan to the musical gym to talk with all members Polar Lost. The UK has shared with us: the curl of the daily routine prevents the band from meeting each others to practice. They only train once a week on Sunday night. RP: Hello Polar Lost. Currently Vietmanese rock communities are paying attention…
Disgusted – “The thirst of opportunity to show their true meaning” ion of Extreme is Back, Disgusted – one Death Metal bands in Vietnam who had met Defiled and Hydrophobia (two invited guests from Japan), has made a special mark for rock fans. Being powerful, enthusiastic, and also theater owners, all of them have made Disgusted more confirmed in the “hard-to-chew” music. To better understand the formation and…
Atmostphere –What will happen behind this silence?
Viết bởi rpadmin | Lúc: 14/10/2008 |
Atmostphere –What will happen behind this silence? ssion has had a discussion with two members from Atmosphere (ATM) Lê Việt Trường (guitarist) và Hồng Việt (Vocalist). According to the information, ATM is now endeavouring to appear in late 2009. Thrash Metal Band's Atmosphere It’s without doubt to say that ATM has received great loving from all those fans from North to South. Founded in 2003,…
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