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Rockstorm 2013: The journey has come to the last destination !
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 11:26 am - 23/01/2014 |

( – Last weekend, the biggest storm in the year “ Rock Storm 2013” swept through Hanoi, where is the last place in total 7 places that the storm went through. Being hold for 6 years, carrying the message of passion and humanity, this year is also a successful one for Rock Storm with more than 22,000 audiences in Hanoi, 20,000 audiences in HCM city, and hundreds thousand of audiences in other provinces, proving that Rock music is developing and having a stand in people’s mind. That’s is a very happy signal for Vietnamese Rock. In this article, Rockpassion will summarize the journey of Rockstorm 2013 through 7 provinces, with first beginning is Hai Phong Province.

Hai Phong’s artists line-up:
18+ band.
Buc Tuong ( The Wall )
KOP band.
Ngu Cung. ( The pentatonic)
Rockstorm 2013 had a very good starting with Hai Phong. Not like other years, this year, Hai Phong is the first province in North Vietnam to welcome the storm, many rockfans decided to come here. The Harbor Stadium was full of audiences, everyone was so excited.

Many bands brought the new materials in their performances and surprised all the audiences along with the very familiar ones.
Say goodbye to Hai Phong, the storm continued to come to the Middle are of Vietnam – Hue Province. In the night of December 7th, the peaceful and quiet ancient capital saw the invasion of 6 Rock bands Oringchains, TITANIUM, PAK Band, Black Infinity, Ngu Cung ( The Pentatonic) and MicroWave. With more than 10.500 audiences, 272 millions VND gained through selling ticket and gave to the Operation Smile Fund are impressive numbers Rockstorm had after the night in Hue City.

Who’s next ? Ahh yes, it’s Danang City !
Interestingly, the line up artists in here is exactly the same with HaiPhong including Oringchains, 18+ band, KOP, Buc Tuong ( The Wall ), Ngu Cung ( The pentatonic) and Microwave. Whether it would be the second Hai Phong show ? The answer is no ! It can say that, the fans in Hai Phong is more lively, busling and some how a little bit “dangerous”, but it doesn’t mean Danang fans are quiet, they are excited and lively too when the music started. Both artists and audiences were all fasinated !

After swepting through Danang, the storm still not declined but became stronger and stronger, making all the fans in Bien Hoa crazy and immediately moving to HCM City.
Together with Hanoi, HCM city is the only city had performances from the foreign Rockband called Andromeda. This is the first time Rock Storm has an appearance of International Rock band.

As usual, Oringchains was a band started the night, they performed all their famous songs, but this time with new remix so that the audiences felt they are still fresh and different and interesting. Right after that was the performance of Black Infinity. They still remained their form and control the stage so well.  When the light came out once again, it was a signal for the new band would come. That is KOP band, the band with sweet vocal, with sweet voice, singing song about love, lonely and happiness. It was so temptation.

Buc Tuong ( The Wall) and Microwave continued to controll the stage. These are two names that are stick with Vietnamese rock with more than 1 and 2 decades. They are the status of persistence, passion and pioneer in all the Rockfans’ mind.
Ending with HCM City, Rockstorm moved to Can Tho, and finally, came back to Hanoi!

These days in Hanoi are the coldest days of the year. But with Rock Storm, the air was hotter than ever. Seem that having to wait for too long, audiences in Hanoi started to go crazy right at the beginning with the performance of Oringchain. And they kept this spirit through out the night, through Thoi gian ( The Time) of Thuy Trieu Do ( Red Tide), through Totem Soi, Chi con tieng tho dai ( There is only sigh) of KOP band, through old but good hits from Buc Tuong ( The Wall) like Rock Xuyen Man Dem ( Rock through the night), Bong Hong Thuy Tinh ( Crystal Roses), and Tam Hon Cua Da ( The rock’s soul), through Ngu Cung ( The pentatonic), Microwave and then finally, Andromeda !

It’s just like the motto of Rock Storm 2013: Burning the fire of desire !
And this is all about, passion, humanity, music, good time, … This is why Rock Storm, through the journey of 6 years, become the tradditional and hopeful show for all of the audiences when the end of year comes.

Hatokio –

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