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Exthenia – Young Frenzy from Finland
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 8:58 pm - 13/12/2013 |

( – If you mention Finland, metal fans in Vietnam will think to a country with many well-known metal bands such as Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Insomnium or Stratovarius … But not many people know about the efforts of each band to affirm their personality in music. Here’s sharing from the perspective of a young rocker in “thousands of lakes country” was a reporter of RockPassion.Vn recorded.exthia

An accidental encounter …
In the late of October 2013, surfing on facebook, I have made friend with Juho Raita, a metal artist in Finland – the country of my idol. Suddenly flashed in my head thinking “Why do not I try to make an interview to know what he thought, the problem of metal they have in Finland, maybe Vietnamese metal fans have not heard before.” Overcoming the difficulties of the time difference between the two countries, I finally had small conversation with him …

Here is the exchange between the reporter of RockPassion with Juho Raita:
Hi Juho, at first, can you introduce something about you : age, job, city you’re living?

Hi, RockPassion.Vn, I’m Juho Raita, I’m 18 years old next week, 15th day. About the job, I’m singing and playing guitar in band called Exthenia, and also I have a project called Event Relentless which is my solo project, so I do everything to it on my own. And the city i’m living is called Pori, which is pretty small city here in southwest Finland.

I know Finland is very famous for metal music and can you give me some metal band in your city ?

In Pori there’s not too many good metal bands, but i think the most decent one is band called “Mors Principum Est”. And of course Exthenia is the best metal band in Pori! (smile). And one is called “Rust ‘n rage” which isn’t actually metal, but really cool rock n roll stuff!

Yeah !!! What do you think about Finnish metal scene now and genre metal bands expect to play ?

In Finland the metal scene is huge in my opinion ! Here is so many good metal bands I love. and I think the genre of it doesn’t really matter as long as it sounds good!

Okay, it’s very cool and if foreign people want to know about Finnish metal, what’s band you want to introduce them first. You can give 2,3 metal bands or even more ?

I would definitely introduce Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom, Wintersun, Norther, Lost Society, Ensiferum! These are Finnish metal scene’s favourite bands actually! For me I mean.

I know many bands in your country and let’s talk about listener in your country. how do you feel about them ?

Well definitely alot of metal music likers! But also alot of people who doesn’t like metal at all. So that’s what I think about the listeners in Finland pretty much!

exthia 1

In my country, not many metalheads can go to metal show because they don’t have enough money, … and I want to know are there any problems with metal fans in Finland to approach metal show in general ?

What comes to the money, some shows does cost like 50 euros or something like that, so not all the people have the money to put it for a show.
In my country there is a problem, it’s about copyright. You can download music easily and free !!!

Well in Finland people download music easily free too! I think it’s like that pretty much everywhere in the world nowadays.

Do you think it can make artists don’t have motivation in composing music ?

I want to know how can you balance between studying at school and playing music ? I think it’s so very difficult.

Well yeah that’s true! I attend to the school as little as I can pretty much
Because if you’re in school 8 hours per day, then you really can’t practice the guitar for 8 hours.

  • A little about Exthenia …

Currently, Juho Raita is leader, vocalist and guitarist for a band call Exthenia. The metel genre they expect to play is melodic death metal – genre made brand of New Wave of Swedish Death Metal. Exthenia current lineup consists of three members :
– Juho Raita : vocalist , guitarist
– Mikael Weckstrom : guitarist
– Ville Lahteenmaki : drummer
Exthenia members are very young , guitarist Mikael Weckstrom is only 18 years old . Even drummer Ville Lahteenmaki … 16 years old. During this time , the band is actively looking for a bassist and a keybroadist for the releasing of their debut album next year. Earlier Exthenia has released his first EP titled Dominate the Wind in August last year . Influenced the band has become famous in Finland , such as Children of Bodom , Wintersun , Kalmah and Norther with powerful guitars on the soft keyboard , Exthenia hopes to contribute a little thing extra for diverse picture colorful paintings of Finnish metal.
Remember in 1997, Finnish metal scene was impressed with album Something Wild by a name from Espoo , band called Children of Bodom . Frontman Alexi “ Wildchild ” Laiho rapidly well-known worldwide . Alexi did that when he turned 18 . RockPassion.Vn hopes Exthenia and Juho will be successful in the future as the band they like.
Listen to a song on your debut EP Exthenia all of you.

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