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Keep Your Passion – Brothers In Arms !
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 11:27 pm - 8/12/2013 |

(RockPassion.Vn) – The main purpose of this show, “Keep Your Passion – Brothers In Arms” is marking a new step in the “integration” and “connection” between communities Rock / Metal. This is also a collaboration between Gravity Production and RockPassion. A dissapointed thing in this night was a loss of 8 year-old band – Multiplex. Tonight will be the last time they perform on the stage.

Taken place in a luxury bar in District.1, we chose Maya Bar – a brand new place with previous others to mark this event alongside two sponsorship brands – Jagermeister and Ahead. It is no coincidence we chose the name of this show is “Brothers In Arms”, through this program we want to send to people are really passionate about the music, more depth of innovation and we’re trying to change.

Root Riot is a band only appearing in a few programs but they want to demonstrate to audience in Maya Bar, they are not even “inexperienced” althought standing on stage several times and it was only counted on their fingers, they opened the program “Brothers In Arms”. Stage and the audience were heating up a bit but it seems not enough.

Born later than to 3 other groups in this show, Upside Down was only established at the end of 3/2013. Like Root of Riot, Upside Down also appeared on stage few times and still a little fan know them if you do not like hardcore. Underneath the stage are pretty hot now more with common activities in the Rockshow as Wall Of Death, mosh-pit, or Stage Dive-Jump and headbang anymore. One Rockshow would be very boring if it lacks these activities.

After the performances of the Root of Riot and Upside Down, End Of Road continued bringing to audience their own compositions. If you like Death Metal, the End of the Road deserves a name to remember and you choose to listen. Now in Vietnam, just a little metal band choose Metal Extreme Metal, End Of Road still remains actively to this day is also one of the reason for the metalheads finding to this band.

And the most notable names that I mentioned at the beginning of this article is  Multiplex.
Established in 2005 , through 8 years with many changes of various members to finally give out line-up pretty solid as it is now , Multiplex had to do a lot to get good results. Evidence is the name of Multiplex not only in Vietnam, they also made many chances to stand next to the big names of the world. We – the people who made this show really ” shocked ” to receive the bad news from the group posted on their official fanpage before the show taken place 3 days .

Multiplex will no longer work after this show ends . Not only for myself personally , I think a lot of metal fans will have the same feeling. ” Brothers In Arms ” is special because it was the last show with the participation of Multiplex , and easy to understand , they will be sent to audience what they wanted to remind their fans with wonderful performance they’ve ever. Perhaps they were never ” crazy ” as now, Mosh – pit , Wall of Death , Dive – stage occurred more densely , stage seemed there was not enough space for metalhead when Multiplex squeezed power from everybody in here and experienced the final moments.

Multiplex closed performance by their sharing words, the indescribable feeling to the audience. “Brothers In Arms” finished but emotions in this show were impossible to forget.

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