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Keep your passion: Say goodbye to November with “ November Rain” show.
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 7:37 am - 28/11/2013 |

( – Winter comes and everythings are all different, even a rock show. You just need to stand still, slowly drink a cup of beer or soda and enjoy the performance – that is enough for happiness. November is running away from us, don’t you want to say goodbye to it with a rock show ? RockPassion proudly present to you a show called: Keep your passion – November Rain, which will be hold in 29th November at M-Day cafe.

In the chain of monthly event: Keep your passion, mini show “ November Rain” show promises to bring a different experience to all the rock fan in Hanoi. Surrounded by a cozy atmosphere at M-Day cafe, many songs from classic to modern wil be performed. It is not too crazy but warm enough to warm up the heart of audience during the winter weather.
Here is the list of band performing that night:
CuocSongS ( Life S )

  • CuocSongS ( Life S)

It’ve been a long times since RockPassion stage saw CuocSong S playing live. The band has a lot of change, especially after vocal Bac Clunky decidd to compete at The Voice Vietnam 2013. They are now preparing to releash album called “ CuocSongS Vol.2” and maybe some surprises will be made in the “November Rain” night.

  • N.E.M.O

It is the only band has a girl in vocal position. N.E.M.O has experience and basic music foundation so that they are very good at controlling the stage and satisfing any fans of Symphonic/Progressive genre.
Beside two familiar names, there will be also a appearing of two new bands: Motor-Bugs and 27K.
Motor-Bugs is a young band following a unique genre called Blues/Rock n roll.

The members are vocal Son Qua, Rhythm Guitar Be, Drummer Hoang Anh, Bass Tin and Lead guitar Bray. They mostly cover songs of famous artists for example, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater Revival,… together with playing their own composed songs. Motor-Bugs want to bring a kind of music with the characteristics of tranditional Rock n Roll combines with younger generation features.
The band called 27K can be strange with Rock community, but they are very friendly and famous in many charity events. You can accidentially see them performing in Guom Lake with guitar, harmonica, cajon… to call for donation. 27k band will bring in “ November Rain” an impressive and deep atmosphere.

Further information:
Music plays all night.
Mini games with presents.
Free a drink for each attendants.
TimeL 19:00 – 21:00 , 29th November, 2013.
Location: M-Day Cafe, 110 Cau Giay Street, Hanoi.
Early bird ( Before 29/11): Coupon ( including 1 drink) : 40,000 VND.
At door: Coupon ( including 1 drink) : 60,000 VND.
Tickets are on sale at Rockpassion Headquarter:Number 66, alley 40, Ta Quang Buu Street. Or you can buy at M-Day Cafe, 110 Cau Giay street, Hanoi.
Please contact these number for more information: 097 337 8605 (Ms Trang- RockPassion) or 0163 353 8868 (Mr. Hai- M-Day Cafe).

Translator: Hatokio.

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