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Get excited with Jrock at Go!go!Japan 2013!
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 4:08 pm - 24/11/2013 |

( – Hold by Japan Foundation Hanoi and Rockpassion, Go!go!Japan 2013 was an event being expected through the whole week before by a lot of youngsters and rock fans in Hanoi. With the contribution of 4 rock bands and the DJ twin, the night was a success and brought to thousands of audiences many unforgettable moments.

Thuy Trieu Do ( Red Tide) – open performance of the night. As one of the oldest names of Vietnamese Rock, Thuy Trieu Do was chosen to be the open performance of the night. The band had many changing in members. Comparing with the old Thuy Trieu Do, they are now younger and more different in style. They performed some of their songs which were familiar with audiences for example, Nang moi ( New sunlight), Thoi gian (time) but in a new way and slower pitch. New vocalist named Thanh Nam now kept the pace with the bands and knew how to control the stage together with showing up his voice.

The other representative of Vietnam was  Oringchains. Some problems arised in the beginning made the boys confused at first but not letting the audiences wait too long, they quickly fixed the mistakes and started boiling the atmosphere with their famous songs like Wait, Mat Troi ( the Sun ), Khoang Khong ( The Void)… With the modern and young style, Oringchains’ performance convinced all people coming to Go!go!Japan this year.

Continuing the show was the performance of twin DJ came from Japan: Ryukyu Disko. Although they were the only one who didn’t play rock music, they brought to audiences new interesting experience with Tech-no sounds combined with traditional songs of Okinawa and 8-bit melodies which are no longer strange with gamers.

And then, the most expected part of the show came – the show up of 2 rock bands from Japan in which The Ton-up Motors was the first one. The Ton-up Motors – four boys came from Hokkaido was the pioneer of the Jrock invasion into Vietnam that night. They had an extraordinary style of 50s rock and roll – fun, colorful and energetic. People love these boys because of their well-controlling on stage and their hospitality.

Vocalist named Uesugi Zhou made the audiences exciting by recreating the famous movements of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley while the rest of the band continually showed off their guitar and bass technique in each song. Though it was the first time they had come to Vietnam, The Ton-up Motors made a lot of impression on Vietnamese people’s mind.

Last but not totally least- the most expected band of the night was finally on stage- OKAMOTO’S. Coming back to Hanoi the 4th time, 4 young talented Tokyo boys officially blowed off everyone’s mind that night!

They had changed so much since the last time in Hanoi especially in music quality. New hits like Love Song, Sexy Body are more catchy and not too loud and noisy when guitar doesn’t use too much distortion. However, the spirit of garage rock genre still remains unchanged with the strong and fast beats while guitar sounds deep and definitive.

To make people more exciting, they also covered a song from their favorite artist Aerosmith called Walk This Way. Truth to be told, when seeing Okamoto Sho “walk this way” on stage that night, nobody can think that he and his band are just 22 years old.

OKAMOTO’S was the last representative of Japan performing in Go!go!Japan this year. After their amazing performance, the twin DJ continued to take on the stage. The show was successful and brought many unforgettable feelings for audiences. A lot of people still regretted and wished there were more Japanese bands perform than just 3 bands. We hope that next year the show will still be carried on and even more wonderful !

Through the show, youngsters in Hanoi had the chance to understand more about Jrock and it’s development. Besides, this is the opportunity for foreign artists to know about Vietnamese audiences and their passion for music – especially rock music – a genre of civilization.



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