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Chelsea Grin On Sai Gon: Insane Smile
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 6:48 am - 6/11/2013 |

( – Based on the main theme of the show « Chelsea Grin on Saigon», I continued to write about what make audiences of this show «smile on». It can be affirmed that  rock fan in general and hardcore fan in particular are very satisfied with everythings Chelsea Grin brought to them. And over all, these good results will be the foundation for many other gigs in the future.

In this review, I’m not going to answer the question: How was the show? The audiences will tell you their own feeling and that is the real answer for this. I myself couldn’t utter a word when the show was over, everything was wonderful and I though the music still resounded in my ears. The show could be even more amazing if some problems would have not been arised ( but I’m not talking about it because it’s quite sensitive and happens all the time in a lot of shows). However, nothing can make people presenting in Dart Bar that day went down !
«Smile On» was full of Halloween colors with creepy costums. Coming from Japan, L.C.L ( Link Connected Liquid) had brought many Manga-style costums, an typically example is a famous Manga comic: Naruto.

2 Vietnamese bands supporting for «Chelsea Grin on Saigon» – Nemesis ( Da Nang) and Multiplex ( Sai Gon) – also had wonderful performance that night and they drove the audiences crazy with Wall of Death, Mosh-pit or Dive-Stage. «We are Hardcore Vietnam» is the affirmation they gave for Chelsea Grin and other bands preparing to go to Vietnam in the near future including Parkway Driver, August Burns Red, Born of Orisis, etc…



One of the biggest name of Deathcore genre – Chelsea Grin – was the most wonderful things happened in that night. Performed a lot of their famous songs like My Damnation, Recreant, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,… , Chelsea Grin really knows how to turn on the heat and make people extremely excited. They brought along to Vietnam their sound system and their soundman which created the perfect sound we heard on their Youtube channel. The Vietnamese fan now had a chance to meet their idol and saw them play in live.

«Smile on» appeared in every face of the audiences, together with a futher dream, a little of regret, a bigger hope for the bigger names will come to Vietnam in the near future. Community of Hardcore in Vietnam, Vanity Production and all the fans in the country believe that the show is the small successful step leading to the big dream. One thing can be sure, a forest can’t be made by one tree, we need to create a bigger and more united community of people loving Rock to put Vietnam onto the World Rock map.

Written by: Gia Khanh.
Translated by: Hatokio.

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