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Impressive Chthonic performance in Hard Rock Cafe
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 7:19 am - 26/10/2013 |

(RockPassion.Vn) – With Chthonic, you just lowered your shoulder, headbang with awesome sound, you will see their music like a rubber ball in a small room, banging through your eardrum.

“Amazing” was the word mentioned much from audience after show. Amazing for your eyes and ears.

Chthonic night was not started by a music band. It was taken place by the share a long time to pursue Rock music and desire to bring world-class rock band to Vietnam. Speech was given good responses from rock fans in Hard Rock Cafe, because it was also the common desire of the community love Rock to bring Vietnamese Rock to a new level!

Opening for show was HacSan, an exciting performance. Not being worried when played with Chthonic. HacSan still maintained gentle shades of Progressive, a little of wild in metal and lyrics harkened Vietnamese jungle folk.

Listening to Progressive rock/metal like drinking a good a glass of good wine. Maybe so, HacSan opened slowly with traditional music song “Tieu Phu” and heated the stage with “Bi Mat Cua Nguoi Ra Di” and finally exploded with “Hoang Tan”. Although had some changes about personnel, HacSan’s new members still gradually integrated very well.
After a great performance from HacSan, finally Chthonic appeared on the stage. “Chthonic ! Chthonic ! Chthonic !” or “Doris ! Doris ! Doris !” were sounds chanted throughout space Hard Rock.

HacSan brought to Hard Rock Cafe sounds from jungle but harkened Vietnamese traditional music, Chthonic has color epic mythology from Taiwan. At the first time they appeared on the stage, they were impressed with the image of the warrior. It’s vocalist Freddy Lim with the words “8 generals of hell”, bassist Doris Yeh – a beauty symbol in metalheads mind with thunderstorm tears. Keyboardist CJ Kao with monster mask treatment, the horizontal and vertical strokes facial characteristics of the music they are playing from drummer Dani Wang and Guitarist Jesse Liu.

After overwhelmed by the image, Chthonic continued to fill the listener’s emotions with intense rhythms. In metal music scene, it was hard to hear the lyrics, but just blindly listen to the tragic tone was created from Chthonic warriors, hear the melodious iconic sounds from Freddy Lim, audience can figure out story about the stories in the Medieval time. Chthonic was truly talented storyteller!

It’s so difficult to describe what Chthonic made in 14th October night. We can say that their music sounds like a waterfall : continuous, intense sound but still have some very lyrical segments. Wall of Death was also set up in front of Hard Rock Cafe’s stage. Really mad, but that was a part of the Metal.

With someone did not know much about Chthonic – they are symbof of metal band from Asian, they are also citizens more devoted to social activities. Especially Freddy Lim: he is a representative of Amnesty International in Taiwan. Therefore, while in Vietnam, they are very friendly with fans. Freddy Lim said: “In Taiwan there are many Vietnamese people. And in Vietnam, there are many people in Taiwan. So, when I came here, we felt very familiar”.

There can be sure that, after 14th Octorber night, metalheads in Vietnam will never forget Chthonic. A world-class band!

Nam Hoang Le

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