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The return of KYP and an insane night of 18+
Post by NeverMoRe | At: 9:02 pm - 2/10/2013 |

( – In 2010, when Rock music still needed a chance to perform in public, potential market for development, Keep Your Passion was born and quickly became a playground like that. Being livemusic series takes place in the chain of bars across the three regions in Vietnam and was launched in Hanoi from July 2011, Keep Your Passion got much response from Rock Band, as well as rock fans across all regions. A playground, a specialized environment for Rock and Metal music was established and it was essential for bands have a place to express the results of their training with the audience.

Realizing the enormous meaning of this sequence in events, RP Media has decided to implement Keep Your Passion, with the desire to once again develop rock music and metal in Vietnam.RP Media hold the first two shows in Hanoi and Hochiminh City. Specific information about each show will be updated to you in the future.

Depending on the time of each and every show, Keep Your Passion organizers will have the choice reserved for the bands. But surely, each show will be a colorful music party . “Keep Your Passion” always creates colorful programs and always aims to “renew” and “innovative” music.

In the past, there were many young bands had impressive debut performance onstage Keep Your Passion. We believe that with the return of Keep Your Passion, rock music lovers will have anopportunity to discover more talented young rock band in Vietnam. And if any young rock band want a chance to be able to express myself on the stage of Keep Your Passion!

Keep Your Passion, series of rock concerts by RP Media and RockPassion came back rock fans with the first show 18 +2 – Birthday show in Hanoi on 21/9. Zone 9 became a strong youthful surprises, unlike the old ruins image often seen.

Being an interesting playground for young rock band in Vietnam, Keep Your Passion became a brand where the heart beats with the same rock and metal can interact, meet, learn from each other … This year, the show coincided in celebration of the 2nd birthday of 18+ band, a young band from Hanoi are making significant progress recently. Along with the participation of Morning Waits, Alive In Sight and W.A.A.H, Keep Your Passion certainly will not make the audience at the Lounge Unplugged disappointed!

19:30, the stage at Lounge Unplugged began to shake with the opening from Morning Waits. This band performed in Tiger Translate – Battle of the Bands 2013. The departure of previous drummer Christ no longer seems undiminished strength of the band. Although new drummer Duc “crazy” was only 18 years old but he was pretty good replacement for band. Suddenly, lights in Lounge Unplugged went out, perhaps the band’s crazy as audiences have caused this incident. No problems, a drum solo on stage to maintain heat while waiting for the power returns was a good idea.

Morning Waits’s performance ended. W.A.A.H was the second band to perform in this show tonight. between the two performances is a game of air guitar from audience. Although still a little shy, awkward with Air-Guitar solo but we also found most worthy winner finally.

Same as Morning Wait, W.A.A.H also performed in Tiger Translate – Battle of the Band 2013. Still loyal to Modern metal style with some innovative in playing style, WAAH members hope to contribute a little bit of color in the show’s birthday 2nd of 18 + bands. Perhaps the air-conditioner in the Lounge Unplugged lost control crazy atmosphere in here. At the end of his performance, leader of WAAH didn’t forget to send your best wishes to the 18+ band’s member.

Following the performance of WAAH is Alive In Sight. This band is very suitable for someone who love a bit of hardcore combined with RnB, Electronic. Spent a lot of watching from fans is probably young female vocalist of the band. Created a wave of underground rock/metal scene in Hanoi recently with their single “Lech Tong”. AIS is aiming audacity in performing style and ability to constantly innovate by band. Audience seemed tired after the first two performances, but they didn’t, somewhere in the middle of stage appeared madness moshpit. Responding to fans below the stage, It looks like AIS was performing as tomorrow they are no longer acting in the crowd again. Really commendable for their performances.

Well, of course this birthday night indispensable 18 +, main character of this show. This is a narrate each step away from the past and present of 4 boys who is full of personality. They sang all of their song, audience can imagine 18+ band from early day to now. even those who generally fight back hard again, each person in turn to step up and perform as it burns the stage. A perfect ending for the crazy night, simple as that day 18 + guys excellence and most brilliant. Until the end of the show, we still easily encounter young people rocking and shouting repeatedly: “Human being going crazy!” “FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP!!!”

And finally, let’s review some impressive images of that unforgettable night :

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