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Gỗ Lim (Go Lim): “We found our freedom, while standing on the stage!”
Post by Slim | At: 2:25 pm - 31/08/2012 |

[RockPassion.Vn] – Finding who have the same musical style and the ability to play music together to establish  a band is a common problem seen in the young rock bands, and  it get even harder when they do not have the same sense of purpose. But a rock band girl of Ha Noi-Go Lim, succeed in doing such things like that.


Founded in 2007 with 4 female members, they are Golem-a unique Ha Noi’s girl band. But the change in members make them perform lesser ,until September 2011, Golem had a “revolution” in their line-up and musical style with a new name-Go Lim. At this time, their stable line-up include:
-Trang Chuối(ex-member of Golem): Guitarist
-Hà My(ex-member of Golem): Bassist
-Ngọc Sim: Guitarist
-Nga Nhí: Vocalist
-Nghĩa Bờm(ex-member of Zigzag Band): Drummer

Now, Go Lim’s style change clearly, from covering international alternative songs to performing their own compositions on the stage as HRC, rock Clubs or rock shows for students. Guitarist Trang Chuoi said that they always “refresh” themselves after every show.

Besides, she shared:”After the inactive time due to the change in members, Go Lim officially come back in September 2011, and we had  refreshed myself with melodic post-punk style, especially when the band formed with the participation of Nga Nhi in the vocalist position. We have our own feelings and unique way to perform music from all members’ comfortable and harmonious.

Stylish members with the same musical sense have created the great harmony in this unique rock band of Ha Noi. Hereafter is the quick interview between RockPassion and Go Lim’s representatives.


– Hello Go Lim. What’s the reason why did you choose a new music genre, change members and come back under a new name-Go Lim?
– We had a tough time when the change of member occurred, but we always have friends who have the same passion, with the joining band of Nga Nhí & Trang Chuối and not performing on the stage are our motivations to come back.

– What is exactly your feeling now?
– It’s very excited to be ourselves, standing on the stage and playing our own music. All of us found our great freedom!


– As one of the ex-members established the former Golem, do you satisfied with this new band’s line-up, Trang?
– We are friends, we have passions, and we felt comfortable when we playing music together. Each member has its own character, but we play music and practice weekly, write & perform together. The most important things are we have the same sense of purpose, and our spirit status always nice.

– Would you like to tell us about the name”Go Lim”, a very interesting name?
–  Clearly, it is the most appropriate name for our band now. Do you think so?

– In some recent shows, people are paying a lot of attention to Go Lim’s mischievous songs, would you like to share us something about that?
– At the moment, we’re having about 10 compositions with post-punk style. Our topic is unlimited, we say what we see and want to say, and we write music about the lining of the children at school to the girls’ hair style, even about the hungry of pets like cats…Our music are liberal, relaxed and plain because we play what we want.
We believe in the free expression of individuals.

– Playing a new music style is very different from Golem-era, what do you feel about the audience’s reaction?
– Come back with a new name, the band has received many viewpoints, some people feel strange, somebody likes and the others dislikes. Many people enjoy the exciting music of Go Lim and they dance with us on stage, somebody also think us crazy because they did not understand what we’re playing. Never mind, we are Go Lim now.
Recently through RockPassion, Go Lim has showed up one of our demo :”Cac ban dung nghiem”. The song describes the standing in line of kindergarten class and primary school. I hope that you’ll enjoy this exciting song.

– After this new demo, how about Go Lim’ orientation in future?
– We want to keep running our activities as playing, composing and recording our songs. The album is main goal, but we still have a lot of problems. We continued to play our special songs and affirm our profession when perform on live stage.

– Thank you Go Lim, we hope that you will have more and more exciting performances in order to ease the thirsts of the rock fans, both Vietnamese and foreigners.

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