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Hail The Villain: “Our music is something new and special”
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(RockPassion.Vn) Tiger Translate Metropolis 2010 has closed after a night of lively music and art piece. Hail The Villain, the most notable bands in the night of 12/11 had held a talk in Hanoi with RockPassion.

However, in order to enjoy a night of music and contemporary art colorful, Tiger Beer has been a special mark in the hearts of his fans with the unique idea of combining rock and contemporary art. Especially with the presence of international rock band, it has been a special highlight of Tiger Translate. RockPassion had a brief talk with Hail The Villain before performing on Tiger Metropolis 2010 stage.

Hello!. What’s your feelings first came to Vietnam?

Bryan Crouch (vocalist): “The first experience is weather. Because I come from a country where snow almost all year. And one more thing impressive me is that you drive really adventurous travel.” And you seems very skilled in driving. And one more thing that is people are very friendly. They always love foreigners “

How Hail The Villain has prepared for the performances in front of a large crowd in 2010 Metropolis Tiger Translate night?

Bryan Crouch: “Before coming to perform in Vietnam, we also learn about your country. A beautiful country and especially the number of youth who love rock music is growing very fast and you are truly the one who love rock like crazy. We’ve prepared very thoroughly to once we know who’s our audience, along with that, Hail The Villain has reserved a lot of energy as well as all the best to meet what’s you’re expected. ”

The audiences’ going wild with Hail The Villain

– In the band, who is the main composer?

Bryan Crouch: “The song composed originally from the idea of Joseph, then everyone in the band take part in to create the best song possible.

– Song of Hail The Villain often divides in two ways: performing or comic form. Is this the band intention to Villainize music world?

Bryan Crouch: “Actually for Hail The Villain, this two forms shows that it is our desire to work with. Because we do not want to do it as traditional way, we want to create rich, diverse in music, the purpose is for young music lovers to have the imagination and sensuality of our music is a better way .”

– There’re two versions in the music video “Take Back The Fear” , including a version made in the form of comics. So I wanted to ask whether this is your own style or the band has been influenced from other famous bands with comic-style like Godzilla?

Bryan Crouch: “For the topic you asked, here is one of the things that we want audience to understand. Because we want to look at something new and special. We do not want to copy style of any other great bands. We just felt that for that songs performing in comic-style will bring unique and will convey the inspiration and excitement of our own. “


– There’s a question from a fan especially ask the lead vocalist- Bryan Crouch. Why did you leave school to pursue your passion for music? Can you share a little about your feelings at that time?

Bryan Crouch: “A very interesting question!. Leave school when I was 17, for the simple reason because it’s a passion, belief dynamics always inspire me greatly. I know I should do and wanted to do. It is very important and a key to this because it gave me a certain success in my music career. I believe my decision was justified. “

– As a guest of Tiger Translate night in Vietnam, what do you feel about the Tiger Translate was held with the theme of Metropolis “megacities”?

Bryan Crouch: “Super Urban is a growing trend in the world. All developing countries are moving toward the trend of urbanization with high speed and dynamic. For Hail The Villain, we feel this topic is very good with the style of the band, we have a style of performance that’s new and strange. For each country there is a cultural difference, but they still have in common is that the speed of urbanization. This is a trend is happening and happening very strong in Asia. Tiger brand has transformed this message to young people and their ideas, the very unique initiative as they invite the guests and band to the West to create a new opportunity , creating a bridge of exchanges, performing with local artists to give young people the opportunity to experience and understand the speed of megacities in the eyes of Western artists and Vietnamese artists. “

– What do you feel about the activities of the Tiger when they create the opportunity for you to perform and meet the rock fan in Vietnam?

Bryan Crouch: “Not just our band but all foreigner band are eager to interact and meet the music lovers in Vietnam. Hail The Villain is pleased that Tiger Translate chose us to have the opportunity to introduce our music to audiences in Vietnam. This is actually a blessing, we deeply thank Tiger, and we will burn out in our performance tomorrow. Indeed, we would like Tiger to bring your local ban abroad with us on a stage to express your style and spirit of Rock on a different stage in the West. Hail The Villain are also eager to get another invitation to return to Vietnam to perform in the near future So that we can again bring our music to the young music lover in Vietnam.”

Tiger Beer representative said: “Art is a category which we hope to bring to our audience. Tran Trung Linh has been involved with us in the event on May 05 at the Giang Vo. This time we want to bring more diversity with the presence of the French artist Betrand. We wish to bring to the combination, the interference in performance between local artists and international artists. Besides, we also had invited the band to join Giant’m playing on in May. This is another band from another country that is Hail The Villain, the band will take us to the passion without borders in coordination with local bands such as Ngu Cung, Rosewood. Desired Tiger Beer, Tiger always brings the new thing, full of color and passion for our audience through Tiger Translate. “

– Thanks for the sharing of Hail The Villain, hope you had a very special experience in Vietnam these days. We wish Hail The Villain to have many more success in your career path !

Some images of Hail The Villain during the show at the Tiger Translate Metropolis 2010:

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