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Titanium – Single “Mat Ngot” and new album revealed
Post by rpadmin | At: 4:20 pm - 5/01/2010 |

(RockPassion.Vn) – The local renowned Titanium are no longer strangers when it comes to Vietnamese Thrash Metal. A new single and also a new year gift from Titanium is on its way and make sure you stay tuned for an upcoming album of the band.

To give rockfans more insights about the single “Mat Ngot” (“Honey”) as well as the band’s forthcoming “Look”, RockPassion (RP) pulled off a short interview with the guys.

Thrash metal band - T.I.T.A.N.I.U.M

Thrash metal band - T.I.T.A.N.I.U.M

RP: Hello, Titanium! Can you tell us more about your new single “Mat Ngot”?

Titanium: This is one the very first songs we composed at the beginning stage of the band.The song is about self-pressure when facing bad things or “being cheated”, about promises being breached and feelings of disappointment when realizing the reality is not like these “sweet” words, and blaming yourself and accepting “the state of innocence” with no choice except for waiting for time to expose every truth.

RP: How was the song called “Mat Ngot”, is there any hidden message in it that made a “sweet” name like that?

Titanium: Well…sometimes, you have to face it, smile at it even when you’re cheated. It’s all about life or, whatever.

RP: Is releasing this single a signal for an upcoming album?

Titanium: Exactly, this is also Titanium’s new year gift to everybody.

Titanium luôn hết mình mỗi khi đứng trên sân khấu

Titanium is always hard on stage

RP: How did you prepare to present your music product?

Titanium: Actually, the recording process has finished since 2008, but we have changed the cover design 4 times and re-recorded twice. Despite having recorded over and over again, the result still couldn’t manage to satisfy our standards. So in late 2009, we decided to re-record for one last time with the help from Mr. Tung (Microwave).

RP: And who is the main composer and finisher for all the songs in the album?

Titanium: The lyrics and the ideas are prepared and oriented to the members by vocalist Cuong Em. The band then will work together and perfect the musical part of each song.

RP: Why “Look”? Anything more you want to reveal?

Titanium: Well, the album means simply “Look”. It features 12 songs. The artwork and tracklist will be revealed when we finish all the sections and officially announce the release. There will be a lot of surprises in this album. Hope it’ll be given its birth certificate soon for you guys to grasp. Throughout the album are songs with social themes but the most “special gift” is the 12th track. You’re gonna see a totally different Titanium in it.

RP: When can we get a hold of this new album?

Titanium: Linh – Titanium’s producer is finishing the mastering process and everything is ready now. We’re only waiting for the authorization. We’re to make like, 1,000 limited edition copies with ordinal numbers and… just wait and see.

RP: Any new year wishes from Titanium ?

Titanium: We wish you rock folks anything you want!

We RockPassion wish Titanium a new year full of health and success!

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JC Clone | March 3rd, 2011 at 7:23 am

Uh, Titanium was actually a metal band From San Jose, CA about 30 years ago, but I think they’d be cool with a Vietnamese thrash band using the name if you could send them a single for their review.


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