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Gạt Tàn Đầy (Fullashtray): New Interview Available
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(RockPassion.Vn) – One summer day in 1996, 5 people in a small room were discussing together for the birth name of the rockband created by themselves. Disputing for half a day, each of them had different thinking. The smoking was fully dispersed around the room. Looking down the table, ashtray was full – Fullashtray. They suddenly reduced 2 words from this name – like a style of The Beatles – and so Fulastray was created. This funny name was born like that.

Nearly 12 years from the establishment day, living harmoniously with the development of Hanoi rock, Fulastray has become a familiar name to rock fans in Hanoi in particular and the country in general. But a year back, the name “Gạt Tàn Đầy” was little mentioned through the non-stop fluctuations which was considered as a success in Vietnamese Rock. In these last days of March, RockPassion.Vn (RP) has pay a “visit” to the band “Gạt Tàn Đầy” (GTD) and the following is the content of this visit.

Gạt Tàn Đầy left to right: Tiến Đạt (vocal), Hồng Long (Guitar Bass), Anh Quân (Drums), Quang Huy (Guitars)

Gạt Tàn Đầy left to right: Tiến Đạt (vocal), Hồng Long (Guitar Bass), Anh Quân (Drums), Quang Huy (Guitars)

RP: GM guys. Since the contest “Vietnamese songs” (Bai Hat Viet) in 2006, with the success of “Dam Cuoi Chuot” (Mouse’s wedding), it seems that you were satisfied with what you have achieved, doesn’t it?

GTD: We are never satisfied at all. What we have achieved is valuable but satisfaction is really too early.

RP: “With the fun, bright and sometimes humanitarian songs, sometimes blending with philosophy which is quite hard to understand, sometimes with restiveness” are what listeners talk about GTD. Are these all your characteristics?

GTD: We can’t comment our characters at all, cos if we do so, we will perceive all of the good about ourselves. The only way to comment is listening to others. For instance, all of us are restive, all listen to “restive” music. Huy is gentle. Quan said very little. Long used to be very restricted. Dat always worries about small problems (laughs).

RP: Growing from the “band of students -pupils”, having the real quality album, earning awards at BHV, all contribute clearly a good background for you to follow a professional way, why don’t you do so?

GTD: We are in the shortage of time. Besides, apparently no one thinks that the band will “follow the professional way ” perhaps because our “reality” is larger than our “romance”. Moreover, if we had determined to go on the professional way, we would have done it from the beginning, we wouldn’t wait until now.

RP: In order to follow professionally Rock style in Vietnam, what should you do in your opinion?

GTD: Each band has a different way to access reach a particular goal, such as a professional way which has just been mentioned. Thus, every band is experiencing a different situation. Sometimes, there is a lack of a general voice, a lack of a gymnasium having nothing to complaint, and a lack of time to practice … But at this time, it is obvious to see that we have more advantages than disadvantages for the rock bands in Vietnam. Tastes of the already-listeners and the factors of openness of the non-listeners offer a convenient situation. The ability to access and exchange informationand knowledge is made more convenient, equipment and techniques are better.. Attention of those manage culture is a convenience, too…

Gạt Tàn Đầy at Gala Bài Hát Việt 4/2008

Gạt Tàn Đầy at Bai Hat Viet Gala 4/2008

RP: A bit of privacy: “Many people want to know about your current jobs?”

GTD: we are the editors for the magazine. Quân does business in an aesthetic company. Huy and Long work in the advertising industry.

RP: The song “Wedding’s mouse” is probably the most famous of yours up to now. Can you tell us who made the first ideas of this song?
Dat: I did.
Long: I.
Huy: I.
Quan: Anyone makes sense

RP: The year 2008, especially the end of the year 2008 was the year called the Rock’s success in Vietnam, why didn’t you participate, present or contribute to that success ?

GTD: We did also receive some invitations but we could not gather together that time

RP: Have you guys had any plan to return to Rock stage?

GTD: The ideas and plans are always in our heads. However, firstly, geographical distance between us is still too large and we are also busy with our families: Dat in Hanoi, Huy and Long in Ho Chi Minh City, Quan in Australia since the beginning of 2008 with his wife and his small son. Huy is also welcoming his 2nd son a few days ago. Maybe the year 2009 will not have much to do with GTD but we will always look forward.

Thanks for answering us, I wish you guys will always have happiness, wish the band “Gạt Tàn Đầy” will continue to succeed on the way you have chosen and will soon return to all Rock fans

Here are some latest images the band:

Q.Huy, T.Đạt (GTĐ), Ngọc Hà (The Light) and Trần Lập

Q.Huy, T.Đạt (GTĐ), Ngọc Hà (The Light) and Trần Lập

Q.Huy and H.Long in Ho Chi Minh City

Q.Huy and H.Long in Ho Chi Minh City

T.Đạt and H.Long in a small party

T.Đạt and H.Long in a small party

In order to update the latest information, the most beautiful pictures and to enjoy music by Gạt Tàn Đầy, please visit the official website of the band at the following address:

(Exec By: Maison and Trung Park

Photo by Gạt Tàn Đầy)

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