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SagoMetal: Music is a never-ending passion
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Founded in 1991 with multiple changes in personnel, SagoMetal has always been seen as the best band in Saigon. Collaborators of the RP have had the opportunity to meet Tuong An (vocalist of SagoMetal) and have had a short exchange with him about the current and upcoming plans of SagoMetal.

RP: Good Morning, SagoMetal has been several changes in personnel and style of playing since its establishment until now. Initially, the band played Metalcore, then switched again to play and Melodic Death Brutal Death trial,which are the reasons leading to a change like this?

Tuong An: We play mainly based on our inspiration, Metalcore is the initial step and SagoMetal has gradually asserted ourselves. However, as for the members of SagoMetal, exploring and learning never mean to stop, so the band has realised Melodic Death. SagoMetal still learn more about Brutal Death, but Melodic Death is still the headlight that the band is going to pursue.

Sagometal ( L to R): Bắc Hải(bassist), Anh Tài (keyboards), Trung Thành (guitarist), Tường An (Vocalist), Thanh Hà (drummer)

Sagometal ( L to R): Bắc Hải(bassist), Anh Tài (keyboards), Trung Thành (guitarist), Tường An (Vocalist), Thanh Hà (drummer)

RP: A rock band wanting to remain faces many difficulties, so, which helps you to overcome challenges and continue to pursue passions?

Tuong An: playing rock is always hard actually, we play mainly because of our passion, but to live with it is a very difficult job. Playing music helps us to find these tranquil seconds to satisfy. Rock is some kinds of things that require players to learn, experiment, explore new things, practice hard, upgrade new technology. Through playing music, SagoMetal wants to convey our feelings about rock, bring Rock closer to people. Rock is the passion and you are trying hard to pursue this.

RP: In addition to the familiar title, do you have plans to explore some additional new topic?

Tuong An: Trung Thanh is the main composer, and also the key member to convey emotional for other members to complete the song. He usually gives idea, the tone, from which the members of the band will have adequate complement to complete each song. The idea of SagoMetal’s songs are often the familiar images from daily life that you hear, see and feel such as war, disease, poverty … Besides the SagoMetal will try to discover more the new projects, bring your emotions from everyday life into the songs.

RP: From the album “The Hands” in (2003) to the album “Heaven and Hell” (2006), the band had had many changes in style of playing, and it’s well rated. Do you continue to develop in the direction you have chosen?

Tuong An: Album “Heaven and hell” has seen several changes in personnel, so the band has big changes on how to play. After a long operation, SagoMetal had learned from many technical bands from abroad and experience of friends in our country which has improved than before. For a band, learning advanced techniques can not be left, and with rock, It is more urgent to learn many times. Unfortunatedly, SagoMetal was warmly welcomed. For the future, SagoMetal will continue to pursue and develop straightforward.

RP: Melodic Death is a difficult style to play, it requires players to have good technique, Which difficulties have you encountered when pursuing this style of music

Tuong An: The sole difficulty that all rock bands face is a condition of rooms. Also, audio technique is still limited and most of the studios in Vietnam has no experience of recording rock. Besides, the difficult in musical instruments, among which most must be imported from abroad, requires these bands to have sufficient economic conditions. Gym is the main difficulty of the rock bands now, SagoMetal has an advantage of good gym, all members have opportunity of regular training.

In Saigon Rock Night II

In Saigon Rock Night II

RP: Can you let readers of RP know about your future plan?

Tuong An: SagoMetal is recording new album which will be released in next year, this album will be elaborated more on the technique, invested more carefully than the previous albums, including songs that the band has played. In the near future, SagoMetal will upload 2 new demos to the Internet.

RP: Thank you the information you have shared with RP. Hope that we will soon be able to listen to your album. We wish you to achieve more success in your work.

(Southern News Group)

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