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Decode – White Noize
Post by rpadmin | At: 4:20 pm - 1/12/2008 |

After quite a long time in silence, Ha Phuong and Thanh Tam, two members of the band Lazee Dolls appeared happily in the musical exchange of Saigon Rock Club – SRC on 23 Nov quite strange appearance: Thanh Tam from the position of playing bass to playing drums in a very young and powerful way. Quite unexpected about this, Rockpassion (RP) has discussed with the Ha (vocalist / guitarist) for more information on this innovation as well as their upcoming activities.

White Noize with the members: Khánh An (bassist), Thanh Tâm (drummer); Phương Hà (guitarist/ vocalist 1); Minh Thảo (guitarist/ vocalist 2)

White Noize with the members: Khánh An (bassist), Thanh Tâm (drummer); Phương Hà (guitarist/ vocalist 1); Minh Thảo (guitarist/ vocalist 2)

RP: Good morning, with only two members in the exchanges night 23 Nov and just in SRC, Thanh Tam has completed her position as a drummer, instead of playing the bass as normal. This makes the rockfan in the SRC quite dark questions. Can you say more about this change?

Phuong Ha: Lazee Dolls in fact has had a whole new change of personnel as well as the front faces. Recently, Ngoc Minh, drummer as well as the group leaders, for some individual reason has left the band. We have recruited one more member, who is Khanh An, playing bass. Instead, the role of playing drums is given to Thanh Tam. Also, Lazee Dolls has renamed White Noiz.

RP: Is it true that the department of member Minh Ngoc has caused Lazee Dolls some disorder ?

Phuong Ha: Ngoc’s leaving the band is not expected. Being sticked with the band for quite a long time, the training and development group, but when Ngoc has new direction and her new own decision, the remaining members are respected. When an unity has a member thinking in different direction and individual way, we can’t pull her back. It is no longer a stable band and continuation to the path of the original orientation. As for Ha , the band was a part of her life, Ha do not want the band to remain unchanged in one place. Despite difficulties after Ngoc’s leaving the group, the remaining members have attempted to remain stable, search for alternative and continue training for the band.

RP: “White Noiz”, why does the band change their name, while the Lazee Dolls has been known by many as a successful band?

Phuong Ha: The name Lazee Dolls has sticked to us since the day we started our career. As for me, the Lazee Dolls was the name of the four former members, which has been an unity before. Presently, the band has two personnel changes, we noticed that the unity is no longer the same as before. Also Ngoc was the leader of Lazee Dolls, and so the two remaining members and I had decided to change the group name to White Noiz. The name Lazee Dolls then will be closed on a box meticulously along with experience, training in the past as a premise for the development of the next White Noiz.

RP: And why is it called the “White Noiz”?

Phuong Ha: When different flows of light having different colors converge into one point, it will create white light. Similarly, White Noiz is a combination of these different sounds, but the convergence creates an impressive point – Sound white. With the combination of the members of the same passion and direction, White Noiz hopes for new achievements and statement of ourselves in Vietnamese Rock community.

White Noiz Band

White Noiz Band

RP: Does the change in position of Thanh Tam and new member cause difficulties for white Noiz ?

Phuong Ha: It is only quite compatible at the first time. Thanh Tam have been playing drums, so this doesn’t consider as much difficulties. As for An Khanh, this new member needs to exercise more to get the rhythm with the music. However, we found a general passion and determination of An with the band and it will be of great advantageous that helps her in pace with the remaining members. The group is still trying to arrange the time, meets twice a week to practice and set out new directions for the future.

RP: Do these previous songs enclosed with the name Lazee Dolls have some change once the band has changed its name to White Noiz?

Phuong Ha: The band has made decision to retain some original in which Ngọc played drums, and some will be changed, with sound matched with the current White Noiz.

RP: With the change almost completely from the inside to the the outside, Do White Noiz have a future, as well as plans to appear before the new image of rockfans?

Phuong Ha: White Noiz still continues to record some new demo in the time ahead, with style and shape similar to the original: Alternative and Grunge. The appearance before rockfan also depends on many factors. In addition, in this case please allow me to not speak to create the unexpected (laughing).

RP: As a female band which appeared and created position from the initial days, from Lazee Dolls, to current White Noiz, up to now the band has not yet to released any album. This stirs up fans’ curiousity. So, does the band have any intention for the debut album?

Phuong Ha: It is still among our plans, because the album will also be the spiritual child of White Noiz. We need to practice really meticulously, make great effort, select and search for the studio which can meet the needs of the group to complete the audio well and transmit all the content in music. Hope you feel the same and hope the album of White Noiz will appear in the near future.

RP: Yes, hope that the album of White Noiz will soon appear on the shelves of rockfans’ disk. With this complete change, we hope that White Noiz will continue to assert themselves as well as have new developments with the music you have selected. Thank you!

(Photos taken from Myspace website of White Noiz)

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