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Polar Lost and its appearance full of unexpected
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Right at 8.30pm, we – collaborators of (RP) had followed vocalist Van Nhan to the musical gym to talk with all members Polar Lost. The UK has shared with us: the curl of the daily routine prevents the band from meeting each others to practice. They only train once a week on Sunday night.

RP: Hello Polar Lost. Currently Vietmanese rock communities are paying attention to some new bands playing Death Metal, but they are also curious about when the band was founded and how it progresses. Can you show us more about it?

Polar Lost:  Since 2003, participation in vnrockworld website, we gather people with the same passion, share the same interests to play music, then we simply just don’t want to keep what we are listening be our own, but also for all people and to know what their passion is. The Lost Polar was born since then.

Polar Lost L to R : Hoàng Thông (Bassist), Minh Kỳ (Drummer), Anh Duy ( Guitarist), Văn Nhân ( Vocalist)

Polar Lost L to R : Hoàng Thông (Bassist), Minh Kỳ (Drummer), Anh Duy ( Guitarist), Văn Nhân ( Vocalist)

RP : Which are the reasons leading to your interruption?

Polar Lost: We paused for a while, and for many reasons, but mainly because some members of the band moved to foreign settlement, some other have to military service, so we have no choice but leave out our passions.

RP: Can you tell us whether this re-unity would bring bout new changes?

Polar Lost: Certainly there are. Currently only Van Nhan (Vocalist) and Duy Anh (Guitarist) are old members, but Minh Ky (drummer) and Hoang Thong (Bassist) are new ones. Because now there are two former members of the Lost Polar are settled abroad, so we need new members to restore the band. But the music that we are pursuing remains the same, we do not want to change, because it is the purpose we have defined since establishment day.

RP: Recently you guys have marked the return by your involvement with the SRC and screen performances which are quite impressive in the show “Extreme is Back”, so before joining these programs, what have you prepared?

Polar Lost: Actually, we were very fortunate that when we wanted to appear, there was the show in a pure Death Metal, a stage for Death, which made us very enthusiastic. We started training. In Vietnam, only Digusted and Lost Polar play Death Metal, it’s difficult to have a show dedicated to the Death, but partly, thanks to the participation of two foreign bands, we can satisfy our dreams, as well as the rock fan loving Death. In order to participate in this show, we had prepared quite well, because it is not only simply a matter of hearing, but also of the fact that foreign Rock bands can realize our Vietnamese Rock’s ability.

RP: After this show, you guys have become quite popular in Vietnamese Rock, so do all of you have in mind what to do to develop the band? Will you pursuit Death Metal for good?

Polar Lost: We have also intended to make an album in order to mark our return and also to introduce to all rock fans of Vietnamese Death Metal. What we want to enclose in our songs are the serious problem of today’s society, and which you already saw and heard every day, these things you can speak out. Perhaps you will feel what we want to say, want to communicate, wish to express. Although rock is a passion, a hobby, but our life can not completely rely on it. To put it more correctly, we don’t take risks to do this because each time we played for passion, we have rejected much. And it is also impossible to adapt it to real life. But we love rock, we’ll still go to the end. The album that we are about to perform may be issued later this year, including 13 tracks, hope that we will receive support from all of you.

RP : Thanks for this talk with us. Hope you guys will soon fulfill your dreams.

Polar Lost in Training Room:

In Training Room

In Training Room

In Training Room

In Training Room

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