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Disgusted – “The thirst of opportunity to show their true meaning”
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After the explosion of Extreme is Back, Disgusted – one Death Metal bands in Vietnam who had met Defiled and Hydrophobia (two invited guests from Japan), has made a special mark for rock fans. Being powerful, enthusiastic, and also theater owners, all of them have made Disgusted more confirmed in the “hard-to-chew” music. To better understand the formation and the development of Disgusted, Rockpassion (RP) collaborators have a short but quite interesting talk with two members Van Trung (Guitarist / Vocalist) and Nguyen Hoang (Bassist).

Disgusted was established in Sep, 2007. It is a time which is neither too short nor long, but the group had stepped up quite far, and brought their image at home and abroad. During the operation, Disgusted have undergone some changes in band’s members. And at present time, this band has completed their image with 4 members: Van Trung (guitarist, vocalist), Nguyen Hoang (bassist), Van Register (guitarist), Hoang An (drummer). Nguyen Hoang said: “We will try to maintain this team and hope these people will be Disgusted’s final and official members.”

Disgusted Band

Disgusted Band

RP: To achieve the performance as today, surely you guys had to try a lot, and you guys can share the rock fan the advantages and difficulties in the operation of the band?

Hoang Nguyen: Since establishment, Disgusted have defined exactly the path as well as the music that we will pursue. Each member is trying to overcome all difficulties to create the best conditions for the music. Difficulties are parallel with ease Mainly we strive to overcome and play music with all the passion.

RP: Can you guys introduce a bit about your new Guitarist?

Hoang Nguyen: In fact, he is not far from popular with the rock fans. Before entering Disgusted, he had been playing for some other rock bands. When Disgusted is in lack of member, we met him and knew that he had the same passion and direction, and as a result, we have invited him to the band. Hopefully this team will last forever and together we will go forwards.

RP: Disgusted is one of the two bands of Death Metal in Vietnam, who met two other Death Metal bands from Japan being quite famous in the world, so how do you feel when being on stage with them?

Van Trung: Very happy, we can say that our dream has become reality. We learn a lot about the preparation for the stage, the professional style and especially the spiritual friendship

Văn Trung (Vocalist/ Guitarist) and Nguyễn Hoàng (Bassist) interacted with RP

Văn Trung (Vocalist/ Guitarist) and Nguyễn Hoàng (Bassist) interacted with RP

RP: While experiencing the disruption during the night of performance, Hoàng Ân had helped the band get out from a “seeing failure” by some solo pieces of music. And the band still completed well . It impressed audiences positively. And what you guys are intending to do to create such a surprise for the audiences, as well as to bring your music closer to them?

Van Trung: Death Metal is “difficult-to-chew” music, we can only play well, show the true nature of music and think that if we play well or, we have the actual ability, certainly rock fans will reach out to Disgusted. We don’t have an intention to, “market” the name of the band, what we want is to be recognized by the talent and effort of our own. In judgment, in the latter part of this year or early in the next year ,the band will give out some demos, which are meticulously selected beforehand, and very close over the music, and will be more of our true nature.

RP: It can be said that Disgusted is the first Death Metal band in Vietnam, who brought their music to friends over the world, released your albums in Thailand, appeared on the entertainment channel in Japan, France, Germany, and joined the Mulligore Records … What do you guys say about the success ?
Hoang Nguyen: In addition to our training, Disgusted also has a advantageous factor come from Myspace’s band site. All information we have, as well as the demos are uploaded on Myspace. This is a site with a lot of bands, with the same passion of Death Metal. They visit, listen and comment a lot for us. We just simply think that if we want others to know about our music, just popularize them.

RP: Ana do you guys hope that Disgusted will participate in some performances abroard?

Van Trung: It is not hope, it is a plan

RP: Disgusted is reaching out far to Death Metal’s foreign “village”, so in our own countries , what do you plan to do to strengthen your name ?

Van Trung: As said, the band will try to exercise and give the demos a few new things that reflect the unacceptable stuff in society. Besides, the objective factors will help Disgusted a lot in the way of development. But we realize that in Vietnam, rock is not really a passion .In recent years, rock has developed quite heavily, there has been a lot of shows, but shows of true nature of a rock show are very rare. Actually, the Vietnamese rock lost quite many opportunities to met some popular rock bands in the world, because through Myspace we know that they want to exchange ideas with us. For example, Moonsorrow, because of the conditions,the donors, the equipment and some other things, we cannot organize the show. Also, the audiences will contribute to the development of Vietnamese rock or not. I am tired of trying to understand why they have to struggle on the same forum about the music they do not listen, do not like? I must say that Vietnam lacks rock fans lack of spiritual solidarity. Can we or the other bands, be enthusiastic enough to perform when the rock fans keep on yelling and scolding? “Quality” is lack, while “color” is abundant

RP: Thank you for the information you share with us. Hope that you guys will achieve much more successes in the future and hope that there will soon be an opportunity that you can satisfy your thirst, as well as the rock fans.

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